Future of Cannabis: Vape Carts vs Dry Herb Vapes - Are Weed Vapes BAD??


September 17th, 2019

30 mins 25 secs

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People are DYING from vaping!?!? Well, 6 people have died - but they weren't using dry herb vapes. They were vaping on black market THC cartridges and shitty e-cig hacks.

In this session, Troy and Jerry and Austyn crack open the TRUTH about the dangers of vaping and the differences between vaping cartridges versus dabs, versus dry herb vapes.

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  • 420vapezone — Troy is a professional content creator and vape reviewer. While most vape reviewers are out there charging thousands of dollars for vape reviews, Troy doesn't do paid reviews. Troy reviews products based on quality and relevance, not profits.

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