Troy quit his job to review weed vapes. Leaving behind an accomplished and promising career, Troy chose to follow his passion and focus his time doing things that he loves:

Getting high and talking to people about the best ways to get high.

Troy has been a cannabis user at heart since his first taste of the green in 7th grade. He maintained a "smoke it if you got it" attitude throughout life, but maintained a 10 year tolerance break while living in BF-Illinois and tiptoeing through a corporate world that was VERY anti-pot.

After moving to California in 2012, Troy kicked his adderall to the curb and started vaping weed instead. As a side hustle, Troy started 420vapezone - a youtube channel and website dedicated to dry herb vape information and reviews.

In 2017, Troy came completely out of the cannabis-closet and quit his job to pursue his passions as a dry herb vape reviewer, educator, and internet personality.

Including this podcast and his full-time commitment to 420vapezone, Troy has several projects he's actively working on behind the scenes.

Troy has hosted 15 Episodes.